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CORD – Cognitive assessment of Remote Drive

This pre-study will test a new approach based on Neuroscience-AI to see how it could be used in the context of semi-autonomous and remote driving.


ITRL Contact: Mikael Nybacka

Research program: Mobility of People

Time period: 2021-11-01 – 2022-05-31

Funded by: Vinnova

Partners: InnoBrain AB, KTH, VTI, ICTech AB

In order to have a smooth transition from the manual driving (SAE Level 1) to fully autonomous mobility (SAE Level 5), which will might only become available around 2052*, it is inevitable to pass through a transition phase. An enabler for this transition is the concept of remote and semi-autonomous driving. Therefore, having proper tools and methods to facilitate this transition in a safe manner by considering all the safety aspects is a demand from all stakeholders including end users, municipalities, and legislator. Considering that this pre-study is going to assess the feasibility of adapting a Neuroscience-AI based technology within the remote driving context, the main focus areas of this pre-study are studying the feasibility of tracking & evaluating the remote drivers’ cognitive performance in different operating conditions, as well as Human-Machine Interaction which will directly relate to the safety aspect of autonomous mobility.

This pre-study projects links to and collaborate with the following ITRL projects, REDO , MERGEN  and AVTCT .

* waiting-for-fully-autonomous-vehicles-to-hit-the-road#/