Breakfast seminars at ITRL

Curious about what’s going on in the world of integrated transport?

ITRL regularly hosts breakfast seminars on themes relevant to our research. We bring together exciting speakers from academia, companies and governmental organisations to present new ideas, research results, and cutting-edge know-how on the disruptive shifts that the transportation sector is undergoing. Themes for the seminars are centered around ITRL's research areas and focus on the future of sustainable transportation and its implications for policy and technical development.

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Upcoming seminars - Spring/Summer 2020

Will public transport be relevant in a self-driving future? (21/4)
Erik Almlöf (ITRL/Stockholm Public Transport Authority)
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How can gaming technology be used to better understand, communicate and implement future transportation? (19/5)
Christer Lindström (CEO 4Dialog and co-founder of the International Institute of Sustainable Transportation)
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Mobility Ecosystem Sprawl: Innovating for Decarbonization (9/6)
Liridona Sopjani (KTH)
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Past Seminars - Spring 2020

Sustainable Urban Innovation: The Promise and Peril of Laboratories, Experiments, and Testbeds (24/3)
Andrew Karvonen (KTH)
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When Walking Becomes Wandering Enriching Automated Travel Diaries Using Biometric Information (18/2)
Robin Palmberg (ITRL) and Emilia Schwertner (KTH)
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Past seminars - Autumn 2019

Autonomous Shuttles in Public Transport
Lars Polgren, Nobina
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Preparing for Autonomous Electric Truck Operations: How a More Sustainable Future Can Become Reality
Benjamin Kickhöfer, Einride
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Supporting Automation with an Automated Vehicle Traffic Control Tower
Frank Jiang, KTH
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Past seminars - Spring 2019

Take a look at ITRL's past seminars:

Disruptive Innovations and Business Models
Rami Darwish, ITRL
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Future Scenarios for the Digitalized Freight Transport Sector
Albin Engholm, ITRL
Calendar event

Analysis of the transition to electric buses in the Stockholm Region in a system perspective
Anna Forsmark, SLL & Johan Böhlin, SLL
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Summary of the study in English
The full report in Swedish (starting from page 20)

4G and 5G for future connected transport systems – an outlook
Håkan Olofsson, Ericsson
​​​​​​​Calendar event ​​​​​​​

Governing strategies for MaaS in Nordic Cities
Kelsey Oldbury (VTI), Jacob Witzell (KTH), Karolina Isaksson (VTI)
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Driverless and sustainable? The future of road freight transport
Håkan Schildt, Scania/Anna Björkman & Yuri Joelsson, Master thesis students at Trafikverket & ITRL
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Past seminars - 2018

NOTGLTY: About travel behaviour changes and electric vehicle adoption
Joram Langbroek, researcher e-mobility ITRL
Calendar event

Future of connected and autonomous vehicles and potential threats to public transport systems
Professor Iain Docherty
Calendar event

Digitalization and Connectivity – new possibilities and challenges for the automotive industry and the academia
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Harald Ludanek
Calendar event

KTH Hyperloop: design concept for the SpaceX pod Competition 2019
KTH Hyperloop team
Calendar event
The video will be uploaded once the competition selection is done.

Results from master theses @ITRL 2018
Calendar event

Smart mobility policy - understanding the discourse 
Karolina Isaksson, senior research leader in Planning and decision making processes at VTI & Jacob Witzell, PhD Student in Planning and decision analysis at VTI and KTH.
​​​​​​​Calendar event ​​​​​​​

Green logistics, opportunities and challenges for sustainable logistics 
Maria Huge-Brodin, professor in environmental logistics, Linköping University
​​​​​​​Calendar event ​​​​​​​

Inductive bus-charging - what happens when we cut the cord? 
Maria Xyla, Energy Systems Analyst, Sweco
Calendar event ​​​​​​​

The future of self-driving vehicles and shared mobility - a psychological perspective 
Margareta Friman, Professor of Psychology, Karlstad University
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Designing car-sharing: learnings from KTH Mobility pool
Jenny Janhager Stier, PhD, senior researcher at Integrated Product Development at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH, Mia Hesselgren, PhD Candidate in Design and Sustainability at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH.
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Autopiloten, Sweden’s first self-driving bus 
Anna Pernestål Brenden, director of Integrated Transport Research Lab, Peter Hafmar, managing director of Nobina Technology Sweden
​​​​​​​Calendar event ​​​​​​​

Cyber Security in Connected and Automated Vehicles
Robert Lagerström, associate prof. in software systems architecture and security at KTH
Calendar event ​​​​​​​

Technology Transitions — How Do They Happen?
Emrah Karakaya, assistant professor at the department of Industrial Economics and Management (INDEK), KTH
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What will blockchain technology mean for mobility as a service? 
Patrik Andersson, M.Sc. in Management and Economics of Innovation & Joel Torstensson, M.Sc. in Complex Adaptive Systems.
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Ideas for the sustainable road - 11 vehicle concept ideas
Per Gyllenspetz, Gröna Bilister
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