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About ITRL

In order for societies to prosper, it is imperative that our transport systems are flexible, smart, and clean, that we offer mobility solutions to all, and that the negative impacts of freight transport and the distribution of goods are limited. This is the challenge that drives us.

The team
The team at ITRL.
Self driving vehicle on city street
Self driving vehicle in Kista.

We are currently in the midst of a transportation paradigm shift driven by the introduction of new technologies and the crucial need to transition to a sustainable transport system. However, along with the potential for great success in this field, comes a number of challenges.

ITRL is inspired by the challenge of facilitating the shift to a sustainable transport system through an integrated research approach that brings together multiple stakeholders.

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Our vision is of a world in which future generations have access to socially just, environmentally clean and efficient transport systems.


Our mission is to build and convey knowledge that contributes to the transition towards sustainable road transport. We do this by integrating disciplines, system levels and stakeholders in our research.

The Importance of Sustainable Transport

The Importance of Stakeholders