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KTH, Scania and Ericsson gathers as partners in ITRL, thus leading multidisciplinary expertise to develop and demonstrate new sustainable transport.

Integrated Transport Research Laboratory (ITRL), is an initiative by KTH , Scania  and Ericsson  where joint research is conducted in three main research areas, Mobility services, Connected and automated transport as well as Efficient transport concepts. Research projects include but is not limited to mobility as a service, electric road systems, autonomous buses, new gods transport concepts etc.

In the larger Stockholm-Mälardalen region, there is a great interest in sustainable transportation development among municipalitites, county councils and industrial companies. Together with ITRL, these stakeholders have a unique opportunity to develop and also test new sustainable transportation solutions.

ITRL is funded by the partners with a total of MSEK 100, through 2021.

The logotypes of KTH, Ericsson, and Scania

All of ITRL's projects are made possible thanks to its strong partners' engagement. Some of our project partners include:

Stockholm & Botkyrka municipality, Region of Stockholm (SLL), Trafikverket, Chalmers, CLOSER, IKEA, Lidl, Hertz, AB Volvo, Bring, DB Schencker, RagnSells, Nobina, Keolis.

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Last changed: May 11, 2021