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Hybrid webinar on System-level impacts of electrification on road freight transport efficiency

Published Feb 08, 2024

In collaboration with Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL) and Trafikverket, Claudia Andruetto and Zeinab Raoofi, both from ITRL, presented their work on System-level impacts of electrification on road freight transport efficiency: a System Dynamics approach, at a hybrid seminar on February 5th 2024.

Electrification and digitalization are vital components in reaching a sustainable transport system. It is important to understand market dynamics to promote the full utilization of the technology shifts in the long-term planning of the transport system. The freight transport system is complex, with several different actors interacting, and electrification adds more complexity to an already complex system.

Decision-makers, policy-makers, and road operators need to forecast how electrification will impact the freight transport system. These forecasts help choose effective measures to enhance freight transport efficiency. However, traditional forecasting models are not designed to consider the impact of technology shifts and hence risk failing to identify the most socio-economic efficient measures.

In this project with the Swedish Transport Administration, Claudia Andruetto and Zeinab Raoofi, both at ITRL, have applied the System Dynamics method to explore how electrification will impact road freight transport efficiency. The aim is to use this work to develop new planning tools to deepen the understanding of the possible impacts of technology shifts in the transport system and cost-effectively reach a sustainable transport system.

Presentation slides (pdf 5.5 MB)

Summary of the project (pdf 240 kB)

Link to video presentation