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  • Open position: Vice Director at Integrated Transport Research Lab

    Image by Julien Tromeur, Pixabay.
    Image by Julien Tromeur, Pixabay.
    Published Oct 23, 2023

    Would you like to shape the transport solutions of the future? Do you have experience of technical and administrative project management from areas such as transport, logistics or vehicles? Apply for ...

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  • Business models that speed up electrification of heavy road transports

    Electric truck charging
    How the trucks will be procured, used, charged, serviced, and eventually disposed on the used market is relevant to an electrified future. Photo: Scania
    Published Jun 29, 2023

    How do you create a sustainable business model to enable the electrification of heavy road transport? A new study intends to explain why there are still few electric heavy trucks on the roads – and ho...

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  • Presentation of ITRL spin-off Gordian at EU project workshop

    Gordian presentation
    Published Jun 22, 2023

    At an EU project workshop about innovation and entrepreneurship in GeoInformation Technology, ITRL researcher Gyözö Gidofalvi presented the ITRL spin-off ”Gordian”, operating within Mobility analytics...

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  • Testing network performance for intelligent traffic scenarios

    ITRL activities at Kista Innovation Park
    ITRL activities at Kista Innovation Park.
    Published Jun 21, 2023

    In May and June ITRL has had activities at Kista Innovation Park, testing network requirement for safety-critical applications in automotive use-cases and safety-critical 5G features. The activities w...

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  • Wrap-up of successful one-year mentorship program

    JRC Community
    The 2023 Junior Researcher Community Mentorship Program mentors and mentees.
    Published Jun 20, 2023

    We're thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the Junior Researcher Community Mentorship Program, a one-year initiative that connected JRC members, primarily PhD students, with top industry ...

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  • 5G-enabled test-bed for autonomous cars in dangerous intersections

    Published Apr 20, 2023

    A new WASP project will investigate how to coordinate autonomous and connected vehicles to drive safely in uncertain traffic situations using 5G.

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  • Space Robotics Lab moves in at ITRL

    The testbed being constructed
    Construction is currently underway.
    Published Feb 15, 2023

    The ITRL lab has a new roommate -- Space Robotics Lab. A small area is now dedicated to a testbed investigating weightless scenarios.

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  • PSSST releases final report

    Cars at a traffic light.
    Photo by Nabeel Syed on Unsplash.
    Published Jan 31, 2023

    The project PSSST (Policies for sustainable, shared self-driving transportation) has ended and the final report is now available. Some of the findings were the importance of mixing different kinds of ...

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  • Impact on biodiversity often neglected in autonomous vehicle research

    Description of the explored dimensions and the three scenarios.
    Description of the explored dimensions and the three scenarios.
    Published Nov 28, 2022

    The impact on important issues such as biodiversity and cybersecurity are often neglected in autonomous vehicle research frameworks, according to a new ITRL study.

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  • HITS renewed for phase two

    The project coordinator presenting.
    Elisabeth Hörfeldt, Project leader for HITS presents at last week's kick-off.
    Published Nov 02, 2022

    Last week the project kicked off its second phase. HITS 2024 now aims to continue to build knowledge and experience needed to develop the freight transportation system of the future.

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  • Bhavana Vaddadi successfully defends PhD

    Bhavana Vaddadi holding her certificate.
    Published Oct 27, 2022

    Congratulations Dr. Bhavana Vaddadi for successfully defending your PhD! She is the first person to start and complete their doctorate entirely here at ITRL.

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  • Could public transport be an alternative to electric scooters?

    A parked electric scooter from Voi.
    Photo: Paul Volkmer/Pexels
    Published Sep 21, 2022

    ITRL launches a new project with Voi and Västtrafik to investigate how and if public transport could be a realistic alternative to e-scooters.

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  • Open House 2022

    Lin Zhao presenting in front of a crowd.
    Lin Zhao presented the RCV and the traffic control tower.
    Published Sep 16, 2022

    On September 8th ITRL welcomed over 70 guests to our first open house since the pandemic!

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  • Collaboration for sustainable transport

    Published Jun 23, 2022

    KTH President Sigbritt Karlsson and Scania CEO Christian Levin talks about strategic partnerships, and highlight ITRL as a good example of collaboration and multi-disciplinary research.

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  • Meet ITRL’s new vice-director

    Published May 30, 2022

    This month we welcome our new vice-director! Jens Hagman is joining the team to further develop ITRL 2.0.

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  • Driving the shift – Long-term partnerships for sustainable innovation

    Group photo
    Representatives from KTH and Scania gathered outside for a quick group photo before the event.
    Published May 13, 2022

    ITRL is a center located in the heart of the KTH campus in Stockholm. The center studies the sustainability transformation of the transportation system in the light of automation, digitalization, conn...

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  • Research from ITRL on IVA’s 100-list

    Group photo of Frank Jiang, Elisa Bin, and Mustafa Al-Janabi.
    Elisa Bin, Frank Jiang and Mustafa Al-Janabi, founders of ABConnect.
    Published May 12, 2022

    The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) recently presented its 100-list with research projects that are expected to contribute to society and business. One of the people included is Fr...

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  • THE Innovation and Impact Summit 2022 visits ITRL

    A group of people listens to a presentation at ITRL
    On Wednesday participants could visit ITRL.
    Published May 02, 2022

    Last week Scania and ITRL welcomed participants from the conference THE Innovation and Impact Summit for a closer look at how strategic partnerships drive innovation and sustainable development.

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  • ITRL paper presented at Design Thinking Research Symposium 13

    Lina Rylander presenting at the conference.
    Lina Rylander presenting at the conference.
    Published Apr 21, 2022

    Industrial PhD student Lina Rylander presented Designing for change in complex socio-technical systems at a conference in Israel.

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  • ITRL Annual Report 2021

    Published Apr 08, 2022

    We look back at 2021 in our now released annual report. Read through updates, results from our projects and work in the main research areas.

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