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Campus 2030

Smarter transportation on a digital campus

The main aim of the Campus 2030 project is to start a digital demo site in the very heart of KTH campus, which is based on the development of a Digital Twin of the road infrastructure and enables a dynamic interaction with users via Augmented Reality (AR) case-studies on campus. The site will serve as a fertile environment that serves as an important nursery of ideas for students, researchers and industry stakeholders to test out new smart transportation ideas. The project is cooperation between ITRL, the Highway Engineering and Mechatronics departments at KTH along with 3D Interactive Stockholm AB. For further information and queries, please contact Tahir Qureshi  who is the project representative from ITRL or see KTH's news post  on the project. 

This project is funded by Vinnova.

Belongs to: Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL)
Last changed: Nov 11, 2020