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The ELKOLL project aims to increase our understanding of how e-scooters are used and what the alternatives for travelers would have been, had they not chosen to use an e-scooter.


ITRL Contact: Erik Almlöf

Time period: 2022-09-01 – 2022-12-31

Funded by: Västtrafik and Voi

Partners: Västtrafik and Voi


E-scooters have been around for a few years and have received a lot of criticism, being viewed as safety hazard, obstructing sidewalks and being a general nuisance. At the same time, they do seem to be an attractive option for a lot of travellers as they are frequently used.

As the e-scooter is a new transport mode, it has not been thoroughly researched, most previous research revolves around surveys of users. These survey results have been mixed, with some indicating a replacement of car use, walking or cycling or the use of public transport. However, surveys rely on that people give proper answers to questions and that the sample is representative, which is may not be the case.


In this study we will study the use of e-scooters in Gothenburg, in relation to especially public transport. We want to investigate whether e-scooter trips could have been done by public transport or if walking would have been a viable option. In short, we will try to answer if e-scooters are replacing or complementing public transport.


Using trips from Gothenburg from Voi, we use a trip planner to analyse the corresponding trip by public transport. Using this approach, we can compare the two options.


ELKOLL Report (pdf 4.8 MB)