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Sustainable Commuting Obstacle Exploration Study

By utilising the app CommuteSaver, this project will explore the obstacles to choosing sustainable transport options for work commuting, in collaboration with employers and employees at Borlänge municipality.

Woman biking in a city
Woman biking in a city, Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash


To reach a climate neutral society people's commuting will need to be diverted from personal cars to other more energy effective and climate friendly modes of transportation, such as trains, bicycles, and trams. In order to assist in this transition, the CommuteSaver app is able to automatically detect the mode of transportation its used by individuals and calculate the corresponding CO2 emissions and savings.

Project description

The CommuteSaver’s app pilot is up and running, able to assist in assessing corporate commuting patterns among employees, and aggregate employee commuting data for companies. The project will communicate the availability of the app to employees and, over the next six months, measure the commuting habits of users, and the corresponding CO2 emissions will be calculated to gauge the environmental impact.


To enhance the pilot program, approximately 20 committed users are being recruited. Through contextual interviews, we aim to gain insights into the motivations and obstacles individuals face in adopting sustainable commuting practices. This will provide information on behavioral changes in everyday life and the factors influencing sustainable commuting choices.

Additionally, co-design workshops will be conducted to gain understanding of the potential benefits and barriers associated with both the service and the organisation. These workshops facilitate collaboration among users and developers, ensuring that the app aligns with the needs and preferences of its users.

Furthermore, research is being carried out on the design of sustainable mobility and sustainability transitions within sociotechnical systems. This research aims to inform the ongoing development of CommuteSaver, ensuring that it contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future in the realm of corporate commuting.

Project Facts


KTH Integrated Product Development and Design, CommuteSaver, Borlänge municipality




Expected start date: November 2023

Expected end date: December 2024

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