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REDO - Remote Driving Operation

The goal is to build knowledge and create opportunities in the emerging field of remote operation of road vehicles.


ITRL Contact:  Mikael Nybacka

Program: Mobility of people

Time period: Jan 2020 –Dec 2022

Funded by: Vinnova

Partners: CEVT, Einride, Ericsson, Ictech, NEVS, Voysy

Aim is to support deployment of new services to market and make new applications of automation possible. The main problem that the project addresses is how we can support deployment of new services and vehicles that does not require or may not have a driver in the vehicle, that is responsible for controlling it at all times.

The project consists of seven work packages dealing with the following topics:

  1. WP1 and WP2 is project leading and dissemination respectively.
  2. Remote driver studies during teleoperated driving (WP2)
  3. Remote driving feedback and control during teleoperated driving (WP3)
  4. Connected traffic system of system (WP4)
  5. Test platform and demonstrator (WP5)
  6. Laws and regulations (WP6 )