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At ITRL, we know that research results are not always accessible to those who could benefit most from reading them. That is why we look for ways to disseminate as much knowledge as possible, to the widest audience possible, without overly complex terminology.

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Interview With an ITRL Researcher

The concept of our new series "Interview with an ITRL researcher" is simple; we interview a researcher, asking a range of questions designed to capture how their work contributes to society, the environment, industry, and general wellbeing, in order to give you an overview of their work. If it sounds like something you may be interested in, you can follow a link at the end of the interview and read their whole article.

April 2020:

Can new technologies like smartwatches help us learn which parts of a city are good or bad for our health? Or could they change the way we design cities, cars, and trucks? In this interview, Robin Palmberg tells us about his latest publication and the possible implications of his upcoming work.

Robin Palmberg: What Can a Smartwatch Tell Us About a City? (pdf 575 kB)

May 2020: 

Can understanding the needs and expectation of users help us design the automated vehicle public services of the future? Esther tells us more about her research on user needs based on an AV trial in Kista.

Pei Nen Esther Chee:

How Can User Needs be Met as we Introduce Automated Vehicle Services? (pdf 986 kB)

June 2020:

Does co-working lead to energy savings? In this interview, Bhavana Vaddadi tells us more about her recent paper on the direct and indirect environmental effects of co-working.

Does Co-working lead to Energy Savings?.pdf (pdf 1.2 MB)

Is transport behaviour during corona sustainable? Elisa Bin talks about her work on the paper "The trade-off behaviours between virtual and physical activities during COVID-19 pandemic period".

Interview-Activities during COVID.pdf (pdf 357 kB)

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