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Below is a list of other projects at ITRL presented, that we will soon publish as separate pages with more information.

  • Off-peak citylogistics. Silent and efficient night-time distribution of goods, outside peak-hours, in Stockholm city. FFI/Vinnova financed collaboration project with partners from: Stockholm municipality, Scania, Volvo, Lidl, MartinServera, Svebol/Bring, Chalmers. KTH is coordinator.
  • Inductive charged attractive bus (Södertälje). Establish and evaluate an attractive bus-system using inductive bus-stop charging, in Södertälje city. Financed by Energy agency. Collaboration project with: Scania (coordinator), SLL, Södertälje municipality, Vattenfall, Tom Tits.
  • Elbilslandet 2.0. Deploy and evaluate user aspects of electric car rentals in Gotland for tourists during 2015-2016. Financed by Energy agency. Collaboration project with: Solkompaniet (coordinator), Region Gotland, , Vattenfall, Europcar, Hertz, mfl
  • InterCityLog. New logistics concept using colocation center for improving efficiency and attractivity of goods and recycle flows in Stockholm city core. Financed by Energy agency. Collaboration project with: Sustainable Innovation (coordinator), Stockholm municipality, RagnSells, LTUAB.
Belongs to: Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL)
Last changed: Dec 08, 2015