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RCV-E: 5G remote driving demonstrations

The KTH Research Concept Vehicle model E is a rolling research and demonstration laboratory for vehicle research concerning sustainable transport systems. The purpose of the vehicle is to have a platform that is fully connected and automated where research results can be implemented and evaluated in real-life.

Two new platforms called RCV-E have been developed utilizing the knowledge gained from the RCV built in 2012 but streamlined to include only the necessary functions of the powertrain but also include new functionality. The RCV-E platforms is designed for autonomous driving and ITS related research and demonstration activities building on the knowledge already gained from research and demonstration activities with the RCV from 2012. 

The RCV-E vehicles is developed in such a way that they become a natural integration platform for research and development between KTH, Ericsson and other industry or academia partners. 

Funding for the RCV-E is mainly from ITRL and Ericsson, with appreciated support from Scania CV AB, Inmotion Technologies AB, Fengco Real Time Control AB, Öhlins Racing AB.