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Junior Researcher Community

The Junior Researcher Community of ITRL, or JRC, is a group of young people that do research in the transportation domain – mostly PhD students, but also postdocs, research engineers and MSc thesis students are invited.

Group photo of the students in the Junior Research Community

The goal of the JRC is twofold: get to know fellow young transportation researchers in a rather informal way and create a strong networking channel, as well as encouraging research collaborations (to effectuate ITRL’s aim of integrated research). Our research scope is broad; we gladly welcome researchers from different backgrounds, such as socio-technical system thinking, development of automation software, and robotics – as long as you can argue your research contributes to a sustainable transport system of the future and you are in some way connected to KTH.

We organise events throughout the whole year, both formal and informal and are always looking for excited people to join! Does the JRC sound of interest to you and do you want to become a member as well? Apply below by sending some more information about yourself, your research and why you want to join, and we will get in contact with you!

The JRC is free of charge, but we do expect your active participation.

Apply to the JRC