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Watch: Automated Vehicle Traffic Control Tower webinar

Published Mar 19, 2021

Missed our latest webinar? Watch our expert panel as they give us 5 perspectives on how we can manage a fleet of autonomous cars with the help of vehicle control towers.

Autonomous fleets will need centralized supervision to accomplish their transport mission in a safe and efficient way. An ecosystem composed of public and private Control Towers will be essential.

The webinar, broadcasted on the 16th of March, was organized in collaboration with the Drive Sweden project Automated Traffic Control Tower 2 , investigating the role of traffic control towers within the transportation system.


  • “The role of situational awareness in an Automated Vehicle Control Tower” (Johan Holmqvist, Carmenta)
  • “Traffic Management in the era of connected and more automated vehicles and fleets” (Per-Olof Svensk, Trafikverket)
  • "The role of human operators in future AV control tower systems" (Pietro Lungaro, KTH)
  • “The role of the control tower in autonomous transportation systems” (Christian Grante, Volvo)
  • "The role of connectivity in the future Automated Vehicle Control Tower" (Stig Persson, Ericsson)

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