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Drive Sweden Business Model Lab kicks off 2021-2022

Published Apr 16, 2021

On March 30th Drive Sweden Business Model Lab held its kick-off for 2021-2022. Lab partners addressed solutions for sustainable business models in quickly developing areas such as automation, electrification, transport data and shared mobility.

The kick-off also discussed Business models challenges, as well as challenges for industrial partners in personal mobility and logistics.

“This year we aim to achieve further collaborations on Business models among lab partners, as well as to generate scale-up projects and create generalized knowledge on business model challenges and dissemination”, says Rami Darwish, project leader.

Whilst continuous technological improvements in the sector address many of the current challenges, business models remain a bottleneck, not keeping pace with innovation. The growth of new services could entail the creation of new roles, the involvement of new actors and changes in the current value chain. However, without addressing the challenges mentioned above, the transition to future transport systems will be difficult. This is what Drive Sweden Business Model Lab aims to address.

The project will last until the end of this year.

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