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Automated Vehicle Traffic Control Tower: Towards safe and connected transport systems

Time: Tue 2021-03-16 08.30 - 10.00

Location: Online

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Autonomous fleets will need centralized supervision to accomplish their transport mission in a safe and efficient way. An ecosystem composed of public and private Control Towers will be essential.

The webinar is organized in collaboration with the Drive Sweden project Automated Traffic Control Tower 2 , investigating the role of traffic control towers within the transportation system.

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Join us with our moderator Jonas Mårtensson to learn more about control towers:

  • “The role of situational awareness in an Automated Vehicle Control Tower” (Johan Holmqvist)
  • “Traffic Management in the era of connected and more automated vehicles and fleets” (Per-Olof Svensk)
  • "The role of human operators in future AV control tower systems" (Pietro Lungaro)
  • “The role of the control tower in autonomous transportation systems” (Christian Grante)
  • "The role of connectivity in the future Automated Vehicle Control Tower" (Stig Persson)

About the speakers:

Johan Holmqvist, Vice President Business Development at Carmenta Automotive. Johan has over 30 years of professional experience of civil and military command & control systems for air, airborne, land and maritime applications.

Per-Olof Svensk, Trafikverket. Development Manager Road Traffic Management and advisor within Trafikverket for areas like data exchange and digital infrastructure, also involved in European initiatives within these areas.

Pietro Lungaro, PhD, is a Research Scientist at the Mobile Service Lab at KTH. While he has a background in mobile cellular systems, he is also an advocate of user-centric and inclusive design, with an extensive track record of deep tech R&D collaborations with some of the world-leading companies in several application areas, ranging from Eye-tracking and VR/AR/MR wearables to Assistive technology, Retail, Automotive, Smart homes and Industry 4.0. More recent research areas include cyber-physical systems and the design of symbiotic interfaces between humans and AI, with specific focus towards autonomous vehicles.

Christian Grante, Volvo Group Technical Specialist - Automation and Transport Solutions. Christian earned his PhD from Linköping University in Mechatronics and Fluid Dynamics in 2004. He has 20+ years of experience from the automotive industry within ADAS and automated vehicles. Christian has worked as a developer, product owner and then as Director of Emerging Technologies at Volvo Construction Equipment. Since the first of April last year, Christian has joined the newest business area of Volvo Group, called Volvo Autonomous Solutions.

Stig Persson, program development leader for Kista Automotive trial site as well as Drive Swedens testbed Innovation cloud. Stig is a Program development leader at Ericsson DNEW S&T, a global community developers and engineers. Ericsson DNEW S&T plays a lead role in researching, designing and creating future disruptive technologies to support automotive and transport use cases.

About the moderator:

Jonas Mårtensson is an associate professor at the Division of Decision and Control Systems at KTH. He is a co-director of the Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL) and he is co-leading the KTH Smart Mobility Lab.

His main research is within automated and connected transport systems, in particular related to automation of heavy-duty vehicles. He is involved in several collaboration projects with Scania CV in Södertälje, dealing with collaborative adaptive cruise control, look-ahead platooning, route optimization and coordination for platooning, path planning and predictive control of autonomous heavy vehicles, and related topics. He is the project leader for the Automated Vehicle Traffic Control Tower Drive Sweden Project.

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