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Sustainable Mobility Services Södertälje

Mobility services for transport to, from and at the work - how should they be designed, what make them work, and how sustainable are they?

This project is intended to develop, demonstrate and evaluate a multimodal mobility service for passengers to, from and within Scania in Södertälje, Sweden. The mobility service will be cloud-based and multi-modal including: internal taxis, mini buses, Scania Job Express, SL buses on routes crossing the area as well as electric bicycles.

The project is carried out as a collaboration with partners from industry, academia and the public sector including: Scania, Veridict, Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL) KTH, Integrated Product Development (KTH), Industrial Economy (KTH) and Stockholms Public Transport Authority (SL).

The timeline for the project is June 1 2017 until 31 May 2019. The work will be conducted in the following work packages: Project management; User studies and 'set-up' of the mobility service; Connection of vehicles; Application/system design and deployment/launch; Business model analysis; and Sustainable society contribution.

The goal with this service is to provide a cost-effective alternative to the private car and to improve the traffic situation in Sodertalje whilst creating more sustainable mobility behavior among users. The transition to mobility as a service can contribute to the balance and synchronization of several means of transport leading to large synergy benefits and efficiency savings. The negative effects of private car use are reduced when the percentage of shared transport services increases.

ITRL and KTH researchers are involved to study the mobility service from three different perspectives: service design and user behavior; business modells and business eco systems; and impact on social, economic and environmental sustainability.

The project is financially supported by Vinnova (Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems) and the Strategic Innovation Program Drive Sweden.

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