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KTH Formula Student

ITRL hosts KTH Formula Student, a nonprofit project where a team of students design, manufacture, test and compete with an autonomous electric racing car in Formula Student competitions across the world. The project is all about learning to work as a team and produce a high-quality product together.

The formula student car at a dock.

Formula Student is among the world’s most prestigious and well-established academic motorsport competitions, whose goal it is to produce highly skilled graduates with hands on experience in engineering, organisational, and managerial roles through participation in an innovative yearlong project. The experiences gained from the yearlong project give the team members a head start in the transit between academic studies and future workplace.

The team consists of Bachelor’s and Master’s students of diverse disciplinaries and backgrounds who share the same passion for engineering. The team is structured into cross functional working towards the common goal of becoming the number one team in Scandinavia.

KTH Formula Students compete in two classes: Electric EV and Driverless DV vehicles.

Read more on KTH Formula Students website.

Collage of the Formula Student Car