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Student Experience

ITRL as a research centre is also focusing on our students through ITRL Student Experience. Our students are key to solve the mobility challenges ahead and it is important for us to make sure they will hold the knowledge needed to transform the transport system to a sustainable one.

There are no regular student courses at ITRL but students that take part of ITRL Student Experience is engaged in the following educational activities, in many cases several of them:

  • Project courses with tasks connected to ITRL
  • Summer internships or stipends
  • BSc or MSc thesis projects
  • iTRUE projects

All of the activities above are linked to ITRL projects or laboratory platforms. 

Our aim:

  • Through challenging projects and tasks give the student deeper knowledge.
  • Through multidisciplinary projects give students knowledge on integration aspects.
  • By collecting many students, faculty and industrial representatives in the same facility create a cross-learning platform where students learn from each other, from faculty and industry representatives in more fields than that of their programme.

What will you as a student get? 

  • Access to state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to experiment on and work with.
  • Dedicated facility with contact to faculty, industry and students from other programs.
  • Participate in interesting lectures and workshops that will widen your knowledge of future sustainable transport.

ITRL will keep close contact with former students and alumni. We believe in the exchange of ideas from different angles as a great resource for the future solutions we need to come up with. Inviting alumnis to our seminars or workshops could easily be a win-win!