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Watch: A modern public transport solution

Lessons learnt from self-driving buses in Barkarby

Published Jun 04, 2021

MMiB became the first project in Europe that integrated self-driving buses in public transport, the project aims at implementing an integrated and sustainable mobility solution in Barkarby city from economical, social and environmental perspectives. On June 1st we hosted our final Breakfast Webinar of this semester with two presentations that will discuss the experiences of implementing autonomous buses in live traffic.

The world’s most modern city traffic solution?

Daniel Sjöström, Business development at Nobina, Håkan Karlsson, Business development at Trafikförvaltningen SL.

Barkarbystaden is developed with the most sustainable and modern public transport solutions available. Autonomous shuttles, electrified BRT combined with commercial new mobility in a MaaS-solution has been in place for a while. Listen to experience from the development, learn from achievements and hear about future plans.

People in automated bus deployment

Yusak Susilo, BMK Endowed Professorship in Digitalisation and Automation in Transport and Mobility System.

This presentation highlights reflections from the findings gathered through the deployment of automated public transport service in Stockholm, Sweden. Three waves of longitudinal survey (of 500 respondents) was deployed among the residents and workers who live and work in the serviced corridor in order to understand the longitudinal changes in the behaviour and expectations of the respondents toward the service. Factors that influence people decision to select between automated and regular bus service will be discussed.