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Vacancy: doctoral student in System effects of digitalization on freight transport

Published Nov 13, 2020

Now you have the opportunity to become one of our team and collaborate to a sustainable transport future too! Apply for our open position as doctoral student in System effects of digitalization on freight transport.

How will new technology affect the choice of transport solutions and business models? How should policies and strategies be designed to reach a sustainable future? Those are examples of questions that will be answered in this study. Digital and technological development will definitely change our society, the remaining question is: How? There are great opportunities to increase the efficiency of our transport system, but simultaneously are there also pitfalls such as traffic increase, that would result in less sustainable outcomes. By conducting project workshops with different stakeholders and developing a system dynamics model, you will be able to assess the effects of various strategies and policies. The position is a collaboration between ITRL (KTH) and Linköpings universitet, and is supervised by Anna Pernestål and Maria Huge-Brodin.

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Note that the vacancy is also available in English. Swedish is considered highly meritorious, but it not a stringent requirement.