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Elisa Bin to teach coding at Pink Programming’s Machine Learning Camp

Montage of Pink Programming and portrait of Elisa Bin.
Pink Programming Summer Camp aims to create an inspiring environment where girls and women can improve their coding skills.
Published Jun 29, 2021

Research engineer Elisa Bin is joining Pink Programming’s summer camp to teach coding and deep learning in their effort to encourage more women to go into programming and machine learning.

The camp on August 16th – 20th will offer online lectures and workshops, and besides providing an introduction to deep learning and its real world application, also instruct in subjects such as AI, generative adversarial networks, popular tools and more. Elisa will join the camp to teach Image Classification and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN).

“I'll guide the participants with their first image classifier, explaining some theoretical background together with interactive live coding sessions”, says Elisa. “Moreover, I'll prepare a hands-on project that will work as a baseline for their experiments and improvements. The goal is to learn with pragmatic examples while having fun!”

Elisa aims to bring several use-cases of the technology being developed in ITRL in her material for the camp.

“It's important for the participants to understand the connection between the theoretical principles we'll explain in class with real-world problems. Moreover, I also hope to inspire them to get closer to academia.”

Beyond coding, the summer camp will also offer various social activities and provide a forum to learn together with others and get a network within the Machine Learning field.

“The Summer Camp is a great opportunity to move your first steps in deep learning! You'll learn from hands-on coding sessions while expanding your network! We are organizing exciting panel discussions and career-focused presentation to inspire participants to start their careers in software development”, says Elisa.

Update: "Participating to the Pink Summer Camp was very insightful! It was an amazing learning experience: I don't have a great experience in programming, but during the week I felt like I consolidated my machine learning and programming skills and learnt many new things about deep learning! The exercises were really practical and it has been really easy to see the potential in own research... I have already started implementing the new knowledge in my research topic! I also met amazing people, that I am looking forward to meet again in future events in Pink Programming", says Claudia Andruetto, PhD student at ITRL, who also participated in the summer camp.

About Pink Programming

Pink Programming is a volunteer driven organization with the goal to increase the number of female programmers. It was founded in 2015 with the purpose to organize camps where women could learn to program in an inspiring and undemanding environment. The organization is active in three cities, but has more than 100 volunteers active all over Sweden. They arrange over 25 Sundays and workshops every year, plus a number of camps during summer and winter.