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Anna Pernestål steps down as director

Portrait of Anna Pernestål.
Published Jul 07, 2021

As of July 1st Anna Pernestål will be stepping down as director of ITRL to start her new job at Scania. Anna will however continue to stay involved, allocating circa 25% of her time with the centre and projects.

Current Co-director Jonas Mårtensson will be taking the role of acting director until further notice.

“I am sad to lose Anna as directors, she has done a great job bringing ITRL to where we are today”, says Jonas. “But I am very glad that she will stay at ITRL on part-time as researcher and supervisor. Anna and I are already aligned when it comes to the future development of ITRL, so I don’t think the near-time impact of this change will be very large.”

“First I need to get a grip on many practical things, and I will count on the help from everyone at ITRL. Then we need to start the recruitment of a new permanent management organization."

One aim will be to involve more faculty from KTH to increase the momentum and to strengthen the multi-disciplinary collaborations. Jonas also adds that external partners will be an important part in formulating ITRLs future goals.

"For the long-term development of ITRL, from 2023 and beyond, we need to work closely with our core external partners to set the visions and goals together. We will continue to build on multi-disciplinary research teams to reach high impact and to address the main global challenges in transportation", says Jonas.

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Last changed: Jul 07, 2021