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Will public transport be relevant in a self-driving future?

Several studies have been made on how car fleets should be managed, impacts on CO2 and the potential for car travel to become more effective, using connectivity and self-driving capabilities. Self-driving technology seems to make car travel more attractive, indicating that the need for public transport will probably be lower than today. But is this really true?

Time: Tue 2020-04-21 08.30 - 09.30

Location: Zoom Webinar

Participating: Erik Almlöf (ITRL/Stockholm Public Transport Authority)

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About the webinar

For the last 1½ years, ITRL has been part of the research project: Self-driving technology and public transport – Threat or possibility? The project has explored system level impacts of both sharing and self-driving technology, with both an enhanced “car” system and an enhanced “public transport” system. Results indicate that public transport likely still has a major role to play, and that the effects are heavily dependent on geographical factors. Assumptions about the productive work trip are also challenged, with results indicating that these new technologies seemingly have a larger impact for leisure trips than for the daily commute.

About Erik Almlöf

Erik Almlöf has worked as an analyst and planner in the transport industry for ten years. He joined ITRL in 2018 as a PhD Student, whilst continuing his work as a traffic analyst for Stockholm Public Transport Authority.