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Sustainable Integrated Urban Freight: Research from the HITS project

In this special edition of ITRL Webinars we host our very first Researchers’ Roundtable, join researchers and experts involved in the HITS 2024 as they explore the project through a system perspective, collaborating to build academic knowledge in order to achieve the goal of a completely integrated transport system.

Time: Fri 2021-06-18 13.00 - 15.00

Location: Zoom (link will be sent out to registered participants)

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HITS Partners

Scania, CLOSER, KTH/ITRL, RISE, Upphandling Södertörn, Stockholm Stad, HAVI & McDonalds, FTL, Ragn-Sells, Dagab, LogTrade, Ericsson, Catena, Fabege, Linköping University.

The Swedish research and innovation project HITS is building insights, knowledge, and exploring opportunities to make urban freight more sustainable. The project involves a wide range of partners such as KTH/ITRL, Scania, CLOSER and many more.

A multi-actor approach using design thinking methods is employed and combined with academic research. A broad partnership with stakeholders from all disciplines of the logistic network are included: Suppliers, carriers, vehicle producers, digital services providers, municipalities, buyer organizations, academia and research institutes.

As the project just completed the first of the four year duration, results from the academic research will be presented in this seminar. In addition to presenting results there will also be a moderated roundtable discussion with senior academic researchers to discuss the results and potential development of the academic research, including collaboration opportunities.

The seminar is open to the general public and we welcome audience from logistics businesses, public authorities and researchers in the field.

HITS 2024 project page

HITS 2024 at CLOSER's website

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  • Claudia Andruetto, System level perspective
  • Jonas Hatzenbühler, Integrated transport perspective
  • Annette Hultåker, Data sharing perspective
  • Kristina Andersson, Data & legislation perspective
  • Tim Selimi, Multi-stakeholder perspective

Expert panel

Maria Huge-Brodin, Professor of green logistics management at Linköping University

Michael Browne, Professor of logistics at Gothenburg University

Sönke Behrends, Senior researcher in sustainable maritime transport at SSPA Sweden AB