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Supporting Automation with an Automated Vehicle Traffic Control Tower

Want to learn about the automation gaps that the Automated Vehicle Traffic Control Tower will fill and how it will improve the safety of automated driving systems? Join Frank Jiang as he discusses balancing automation and human expertise for building a safer transportation system.

Frank will present and motivate the integration of automated vehicle traffic control towers (AVTCTs) into cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) architectures for supporting the operation of automated driving systems. Similar to air traffic control towers, the AVTCT provides a human-driven exception-handling layer to automated driving systems for safe operation in unexpected or uncertain, safety-critical scenarios.

In exploring the role of AVTCTs, Frank will present a case-study of plausible scenarios that either pose difficulty for automated systems, or require the supervision of human operators. He will also outline the AVTCT concept and discuss its different potential roles in the support of automated driving systems. Finally, he will present a demonstration of the example using an experimental implementation of the AVTCT and a scaled vehicle.

Time: Tue 2019-10-01 08.20 - 09.30

Location: ITRL, Drottning Kristinas Väg 40 Stockholm, Sweden

Participating: Frank Jiang, KTH

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