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Digitalised transportation, from vehicle development to traffic management

Transportation has always included some sort of data sharing, as there at least needs to be information about where the goods should be delivered. But today customers’ demands more than that.

Time: Tue 2022-05-03 08.30 - 09.30

Location: Zoom

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Portrait of Annette Hultåker
Annette Hultåker, Scania

Knowledge on when and what will be delivered enables better planning, as well as any deviations from the delivery plans. And as transportation often involves more than one actor, sharing data means that other actors in the chain can plan their business better, even creating new business opportunities. Data sharing potentially also play a big role in making transportation more sustainable, for example, making the last mile delivery more efficient and enable better planning and services for vehicle charging. If we don't develop data sharing among actors, we risk lagging behind other domains and countries where digitalisation will continue. Tech giants from non-European countries would probably take over more parts of the European transportation business by offering new services based on data they collect themselves.

Transportation relies on data in every step, from developing the vehicles to fleet management. Sharing data between different actors can potentially bring about additional values, such as goods volume forecasting in trucking. In this seminar Annette Hultåker addresses data and data sharing as fundamentals for development. In addition, she will discuss barriers for data sharing, as well as a set of necessary pre-requisites for data sharing within and between organisations.

Annette has during 2021-2022 been a guest researcher at ITRL focusing on data sharing between transportation actors. She has been at Scania for 14 years and will in May take on the role as Technical Manager in data analysis for electrification.


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