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Future Battery Recycling

Road transport is beginning to become electrified, with electric cars amounting to about 1/3 of all sales in Sweden. However, what will happen to the batteries at the end of the road?

Time: Tue 2021-12-14 08.30 - 09.30

Location: Zoom


Malin Danielsson

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Portraits of Marcus Martinsson and Christoffer Wahlborg.
Marcus Martinsson and Christoffer Wahlborg.

At ITRL’s next breakfast seminar, we will be joined by Stena Recycling who will talk about how discarded batteries can be recycled in a safe and circular manner, which creates value for both industry and society at large. They will elaborate on how they work with their clients to handle, collect and recycle batteries, ensuring sustainability. Furthermore, you will get an exclusive preview of the future – a new recycling facility for lithium-ion batteries.


Marcus Martinsson, Business Area Manager Batteries, Stena Recycling

Christoffer Wahlborg, Head of Key Accounts – Automotive, Stena Recycling