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Enhancing Short-Term Traffic Prediction for Large-Scale Transport Networks by Spatio-Temporal Clustering

Welcome to the public doctoral defense of Matej Cebecauer on 9 December at 13.00 CET, which takes place in room F3, Lindstedtsvägen 26, KTH and on Zoom.

Time: Thu 2021-12-09 13.00

Location: Zoom

Video link:

Defendant: Matej Cebecauer, KTH Division of Transport Planning
Opponent: Professor Francisco Pereira, DTU
Evaluation committee: Professor Serge Hoogendoorn, TU Delft, Professor Balázs Kulcsár, Chalmers and Associate Professor Susann Boij, KTH
Reserve committee member: Docent Xiaoliang Ma, KTH
Chair of the defense: Associate Professor Albania Nissan, KTH
Supervisors: Erik Jenelius and Wilco Burghout, KTH Division of Transport Planning

For more information, visit The Centre for Traffic Research (CTR).