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Driverless and sustainable? The future of road freight transport

ITRL is pleased to invite you to a seminar about how autonomous technology will impact the road freight transport sector and the pursuit of a sustainable transport system. The main speaker is Håkan Schildt from Scania. Also, Anna Björkman and Yuri Joelsson who recently finished a master thesis at Trafikverket and ITRL will present their findings on the same theme.

Time: Tue 2019-03-19 08.30 - 09.30

Location: ITRL, Drottning Kristinas Väg 40 Stockholm, Sweden

Participating: Håkan Schildt, Scania - Anna Björkman & Yuri Joelsson, Master thesis students at Trafikverket & ITRL

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Håkan Schildt joined Scania in 2008 and has been working with connectivity and autonomous vehicles at Scania since 2011. Initially with responsibility for pre-development and cross-functional coordination and later responsible for strategy and business development. During this period Scania has connected more than 300 000 vehicles and integrated connectivity as a natural part of the entire Scania business and as a key enabler for digitalising Scania and the transport industry. In his current role Håkan is heading up a new business area for autonomous solutions.

Håkan holds a BA in Business & Economics from University of Kent, UK and a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Former master students Anna Björkman & Yuri Joelsson, (Trafikverket/KTH) will present the findings from their master thesis research on "Driving Forces and Incentives for Self-Driving Vehicles in Road Freight Transport - Towards an understanding of actor dynamics and sustainability outcomes"

The event is free of charge but you must register to participate. Please register by 15th of March.
Vegetarian breakfast will be served.