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CIT19 - International Conference on Integrated Transport

Time: Thu 2019-06-13 09.00 - Fri 2019-06-14 16.00

Location: KTH Campus, Stockholm

Participating: More information to come

We are entering a new era of mobility driven by technology revolution with the power to reshape travel and transport. Traditional transport modes are being redefined by connectivity, automation and shared services. Self-driving vehicles and electrification are making the leap to future mobility, and the way people and goods move from one point to another is changing. In this shift, several questions arise: How are connectivity and automation changing the way we travel in cities? What will the new technology mean for supply chains and transport demands? How can regulators and policymakers support progress for sustainable mobility? The future of travel and transport is coming, but are we ready for it?

CIT19 is the platform to discuss how disruptive technologies influence the mobility ecosystem and how they could affect different stakeholders. CIT19 aims to assess the potentials of emerging disruptive technologies for mobility solutions and consider their impacts on travel and transport as well as on different stakeholders. 

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