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An arranged marriage? The learnings from an impact and process evaluation of the 12 sustainable mobility measures implemented in the City of Stockholm.

Time: Tue 2020-05-26 08.30


Participating: Neva Leposa, P.hD in Environmental Social Sciences (KTH)

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The Civitas Eccentric  is a European innovation project, running from 2016-2020, that connects several European cities (Turku, Stockholm, Munich, Ruse, Madrid) working on cleaner and better transport in the cities. The projects includes 10 thematic areas, related to sustainable transport mobility, including car-independent lifestyles , Clean Fuels & Vehicles, Collective Passenger Transport, Urban Freight Logistics, among others.

Within the Civitas Eccentric The City of Stockholm has implemented 12 different sustainable mobility measures, from Speeding up certain bus lanes, exploring solutions for how bicycles can cycle around construction sites more smoothly, to evaluating possibilities to making freight transport more efficient and environmentally friendly, by using waterways, night time operations, and modern vehicles.

Neva Leposa, P.hD in Environmental Social Sciences, currently a postdoc at the KTH Arhitecture and the Built Environment, has evaluated the impact and process of the implementation of the measures at the City of Stockholm. In the seminar, she will present the learnings from the attempt to systematize sustainable mobility measures within this project. The discussion will explore the strengths and weaknesses, the learnings and struggles of the attempt marry the various actors, their ideas, and their tasks within this projects.