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Watch: How can “yellow vests” be avoided?

Published Mar 11, 2022

Factors affecting citizens’ acceptance of climate policy

In accordance with the Paris Agreement, countries around the world are obliged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. This has especially impacted the transportation sector, which is very dependent on fossil fuels. Numerous studies stress the importance of reducing car dependency, changing tax incentives and making public transport, walking and cycling attractive options. This calls for new government policies that need to be both successful in achieving appropriate outcomes as well as being cost-efficient without any unnecessary burdens for society. However, Sverker Jagers argues that acceptance is an often overlooked third factor. A lack of acceptance could lead to a persistent resistance to change, as exemplified by the French yellow vests protests that started in 2018. In this Breakfast Webinar, Jagers will discuss acceptance in general and show which key factors affect citizens’ acceptance of public policy and how we can design and communicate policy that will be accepted by the general public.