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Test Site Stockholm Demo Day 2018: demonstrating the future of sustainable shared mobility

Published Jun 18, 2018

On Tuesday June 12, ITRL, together with Drive Sweden and Trafikverket hosted this year’s edition of the Test Site Stockholm Demonstration Day.This day provided the Test Site Stockholm consortium with an opportunity to showcase, discuss and experience sustainable automated mobility.

ITRL and several of our partners look back at a successful Test Site Stockholm demonstration day. With over 90 participants and many demonstrations from our partners this demo day was a great platform for showcasing different projects and sparking dialogue between actors. After an introduction, the day started with roundtables to bring different sectors to meet and discuss new ideas for sustainable transportation for all. Guests got to share their ideas and expertise on how to create the future of public transportation while leveraging the benefits from the ongoing digitalization and automation.

The roundtables were followed by keynote speakers Daniel Helldén and Jonas Bjelfvenstam. It was a great opportunity to hear their perspectives on our next steps towards sustainable mobility. Their contribution concluded an inspiring morning and opened the floor for the demonstrations. The demonstrations that followed allowed our partners to show some of their most interesting concepts that are driving innovation towards a trustworthy sustainable shared transportation system. Some of the demonstrations included for example VR interactions with a self-driving bus through a projectby4Dialog, and Carmenta TrafficWatch, a traffic management system that ensures the safety of autonomous and connected vehicles. Participants also had the chance to see and interact with Nobina’s self-driving bus and Scania’s autonomous bus prototype. ITRL and Veridict also demonstrated on-demand dispatching of public transportation.

This type of event offers a great discussion platform for Test Site Stockholm and their partners and is an opportunity to think critically about forms of shared transportation. It also exploresnew focus points and continuously developsTest Site Stockholm’s work towardsa human centeredtransportation system.

Daniel Helldén (Stockholm Stad), Anna Kramers (ITRL) & Jonas Bjelfvenstam (Transportstyrelsen)
Interlink project, dispatching and remote control of autonomous vehicles
Scania autonomous bus prototype demonstration