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Royal visit at ITRL

The kings listening to a presentation at ITRL.
Photo: Fredrik Persson
Published Nov 29, 2021

How can we make remote control of self driving cars safer? The kings of Sweden and Spain visited ITRL and were given a demonstration of remote control safety systems for self-driving cars.

After a presentation of ITRL by director Jonas Mårtensson, PhD student Frank Jiang demonstrated a safety system where AI aids humans in avoiding unsafe driving, as well as introducing the kings to ITRL and our research.

The demo showcased our work on teleoperation systems for human operators. In particular, our work on safe teleoperation, where we set up a teleoperation system that guarantees a human will not bring the vehicle to an unsafe situation. We demonstrate on a parking lot scenario, where the remote human will park a miniature vehicle in the parking spot of their choice, while the teleoperation system prevents any human error.

King Felipe VI of Spain tested the system and successfully parked one of the vehicles in the Smart Mobility Lab.

ITRL also welcomed KTH president Sigbritt Karlsson, Swedish Minister for Energy and Digital Development Anders Ygeman, plus representatives from the Swedish and Spanish enterprise sectors, accompanied the royal party.

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The parking lot projected at Smart Mobility Lab. Photo: Malin Danielsson