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Research from ITRL on IVA’s 100-list

Group photo of Frank Jiang, Elisa Bin, and Mustafa Al-Janabi.
Elisa Bin, Frank Jiang and Mustafa Al-Janabi, founders of ABConnect.
Published May 12, 2022

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) recently presented its 100-list with research projects that are expected to contribute to society and business. One of the people included is Frank Jiang, PhD student at ITRL, and his work with traffic control towers.

“Technology in the service of humanity” was this year's theme for IVA's 100-list and among the selected is research originating from ITRL. Together with colleagues Jonas Mårtensson and Karl H. Johansson, Frank Jiang is developing software for connected and autonomous vehicles to operate more safely with the aid of control towers.

The research is being further developed in the startup ABConnect .

IVA 100-list 2022