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Postoc within modeling of sociotechnical systems, with focus on road transport

roadbrigde and skyline
Photo: Jon Flobrant, Unsplash
Published Jun 27, 2024

We are looking for a postdoc focusing on analysis and modeling of the transformation of socio-technical systems, and specifically how different electrification strategies (battery-electric, fuel cells, electric roads, battery swaps etc) can compete with and complement each other.

Previous studies have made techno-economic analyses of how the technologies stand against each other, but to understand how the technologies complement and compete with each other in a scale-up, a broader system approach is needed. Such a system approach needs to include supply and demand for green electricity and other fuels, the link to the expansion of electricity grids, the rate of expansion of infrastructure, the rate of development of technical solutions, and the possibility of ramping up in the manufacture of vehicles and technical components. Questions include, for example: Which technology fits where? What factors have the greatest impact on scaling up? What policies are useful to guide scale-up?

The task is to create a simulation model that illustrates the transition and competition between technologies. The simulation model will then be used to explore different scenarios and the competition between different technologies.

You will also be an active part of a growing team of researchers focused on modeling and analyzing complex socio-technical systems, and are expected to collaborate effectively with colleagues and jointly develop ideas for projects and project applications.

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Last application date: 12 Aug 2024

School of Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH