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Popular science: On our framework to evaluate the deployment of CMaaS

Published Sep 18, 2020

In our series "Interview with an ITRL researcher", we interview a researcher asking a range of questions designed to capture how their work contributes to society, the environment, industry, and general well-being, in order to give you an overview of their work. If it sounds like something you may be interested in, you can follow the link at the end of the interview and read their whole publication.

This time Bhavana Vaddadi and Mia Zhao tell about Corporate Mobility as a Service (CMaaS). In the paper they present their framework, that they use to evaluate the deployment of CMaaS from a systemic point of view. They argue that only by measuring system-level impacts we can assess the full potential of CMaaS. They show how important it is to include the interest of all unique stakeholders, and also incorporate the relation between them. Curious? Read more below!

On our framework to evaluate the deployment of CMaaS (pdf 153 kB)