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An overview of transport resilience

The first breakfast seminar of Autumn 2020!

Published Oct 23, 2020

Last Tuesday we invited Erik Jenelius, Associate Professor Public Transport Systems and head of the Division for Transport Planning at KTH, for our first breakfast seminar of this autumn. He presented about his work on transport system resilience and highlighted amongst others how COVID-19 is currently affecting our transport system heavily, and what that could mean for the future.

During the presentation Erik explained about the different definitions of resilience, and how they relate to the concepts of robustness, redundancy and risk. Disturbances to the transport system are classified in various categories: internal/external, natural/human-induced, intentional/unintentional. Erik also illustrates how disturbances in one transport or infrastructure system can affect other systems as well, as these systems become increasinly more intertwined. A very educational and eye-opening seminar, extra relevant in light of the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic! The recording of the seminar can be found on Youtube .