Electric Road Systems Engineering Toolbox (ERSET)

Capturing knowledge, creating analysis methods and tools to support optimal implementation of Electric Road Systems (ERS) in the Transport system. A study based on ongoing ERS demonstrations and initiatives in Sweden and Europe.

The sustainability challenges for freight transport are making way for new energy system solutions such as ERS.
Currently, several demonstration projects and initiatives are going on in Sweden, to make ERS a reality. State authorities, electrical equipment manufacturers, utilities, truck manufacturers, and road agencies are all investing significant R&D resources in ERS technology.

They are all DOING things. However, there is a lack of system level analyses on this development, systematically linking the experiences and outcomes of these projects in order to identify systems barriers hindering implementation, as well as developing an optimization scheme that can identify comprehensive systems solutions. The present project specifically addresses these gaps. 

By conducting case-studies and applying academic research, a set of models and methods will be researched and developed that will form the backbone of a ERS Engineering Toolbox. 


KTH (ITRL, Energy, Road2Science, IndEk -Logistics), Viktoria, Trafikverket

Link to the recorded seminar about elvägar in Sweden, 23 mars 2016

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