Living Lab Älmhult

The KTH Mobility Pool will be introduced to a selected number of employees at IKEA in Älmhult during September 2015.

IKEA in Älmhult consists of 12 different sites with 4300 co-workers. Most of our sites are located centrally, but some are a few kilometres away and co-workers usually take their own or a company car to drive between the sites. We see a need to find better, more sustainable and convenient ways of travelling between our sites, as well as solutions for co-workers who need to run errands or go out to lunch.

IKEA has an ambitious sustainability strategy, called People & Planet Positive. It currently has three main focus areas; A more sustainable life at home, Resource & Energy Independence and A better life for people and communities. IKEA in Älmhult has a sustainability network, where three groups each works with one of the focus areas, in order to implement the strategy locally.

Sustainable transports has been the main focus so far, looking at how to change the way we travel, moving away from fuel cars as much as possible and moving towards alternative modes of transport that are kinder to the environment. In addition to bikes, we saw that light electric vehicles could be a good solution for us, as many people who make these short trips usually do it alone and don’t actually need a proper car.

So far many people have shown a positive interest in the KTH mobility pool, both when it comes to driving the Twizy during the day and being “fodervärdar”. When we had a Twizy in Älmhult last year that people could test drive, many people tried it and liked it. We hope that they will continue to do so throughout the year and see the benefits of being able to leave their cars at home and having access to a Twizy at work instead!