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  • Watch: Make way for the wealthy? Webinar

    Published Apr 13, 2021
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  • Making goods transport more sustainable with data sharing

    Photo: Elevate/Pexels
    Published Apr 09, 2021

    After 15 months Digigoods wraps up phase one. The project examines how to create a more efficient and sustainable goods transport system with digitalisation and data sharing.

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  • Watch: Automated Vehicle Traffic Control Tower webinar

    Published Mar 19, 2021

    Missed our latest webinar? Watch our expert panel as they give us 5 perspectives on how we can manage a fleet of autonomous cars with the help of vehicle control towers.

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  • KOMPIS releases its final project report

    Published Mar 09, 2021
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  • The trade-off between virtual and physical activities during COVID-19

    Photo: CDC
    Published Mar 02, 2021

    New research explores how individuals have changed their activity-travel patterns and internet usage during the first wave of COVID-19, and which of these changes may be kept.

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  • Mistra SAMS kicks off Phase II with ITRL

    Published Feb 25, 2021
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  • Prestudy to investigate resilient and sustainable freight transport during Covid-19

    Photo: Marcin Jozwiak on Pexels.
    Published Feb 09, 2021

    Covid-19 created new challenges for the transportation sector and forced it to quickly readjust, a prestudy from ITRL looks to investigate how we can learn from these changes to design a more resilien...

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  • New report to aid policymakers in governing smart mobility

    Published Jan 21, 2021

    Self-driving cars, ridesharing, electric scooters, and other mobility services continue to make their way in to our daily lives. As cities grow the demands for effective mobility increases and require...

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  • How Will Digitalization Change Road Freight Transport?

    Published Jan 13, 2021

    ITRL researchers Anna Pernestål, Albin Engholm, Marie Bemler, and Gyözö Gidofalvi have investigated how digitalization can impact road freight transportation in a paper published in the journal Sustai...

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