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Preliminary results from SARA1

Published May 09, 2018

As the self-driving buses in Kista pass 10000 passengers, the first round of results from ITRL’s project SARA1 suggest that communicating safety to passengers is paramount.

Preliminary survey findings show that the users’ biggest concern regarding the use of an autonomous bus service is safety while boarding the bus. Respondents also emphasized that there should be “personnel who controls tickets and ensures safety on-board the self-driving bus”.

Disparity amongst respondents show that users commuting by metro or train are more inclined to use an autonomous bus service than those who walk, cycle, or take the public bus.

Tech-savvy users, who are comfortable using computers and other electronic devices, tend to be more willing to use an autonomous bus service. They stress that “it should be shown that the bus system is protected against intrusion and viruses and not dependent on network connection”.

Interestingly, users’ willingness to use an autonomous bus service decreases in summer compared to other seasons.

ITRL is leading the research project SARA1, which is being carried out together with partner Nobina Technology, to further understand trust and willingness of commuters to use self-driving buses.

This part of the project focused on 584 people who work, live in, or around Kista Science City or Helenelund. This survey-based study brings valuable information for future implementation of self-driving vehicles.

About Autopiloten project:

  • The project behind the self driving buses is Autopiloten, a collaboration between Nobina Technology, Ericsson, SJ, KTH, Klövern AB, Urban ICT Arena and Stockholm City, financed by amongst others Vinnova and Drive Sweden
  • This testing period started in January 2018 and will last 6 months
  • The mini buses are circulating every weekday between 7:00 and 18:00 in Kista and they are free to use
  • They recently passed 10000 passengers and 2000km kilometres logged

Researchers in project SARA1:

Pei Chee, PhD Candidate, KTH
Yusak Susilo, Professor, KTH

Project partners:

Nobina Technology, KTH

For more information, contact: Rami Darwish,

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