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ITRL joining the Urban International Design Contest

Published Jun 20, 2018

A multidisciplinary student team from KTH has taken on the challenge to come up with solutions that would reduce the number of cars driving around the city and thereby create more space for people to go around.

The student team takes part in a yearly challenge called the Urban International Design Contest. The challenge is part of an international conference, PodCarCity, which is co-organized by 4Dialog , a partner at the Integrated Transport Research Lab. The conference has been held in various countries across the world, and this year it will be hosted in the city of Gävle in Sweden. Within the Design Contest, the students will need to use their educational background and experience to tackle real and everyday challenges that come with present urban transportation systems.

They are asked to address issues regarding urban planning, service innovation, research and users and society. Their goal is to create and present ideas for the City of Stockholm that would enable Stockholm to adopt innovative modes of sustainable transportation. We wish the student team representing Stockholm best of luck and hope for some inspiring and impactful solutions.

This project is in collaboration with Stockholm Stad . More information on the conference and challenge can be found via .

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