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Focus on self-driving vehicles at Transportforum 2018

Published Jan 11, 2018

Anna Pernerstål Brenden advised the Swedish minister of infrastructure for the coming high-level EU meeting on self-driving vehicles

Anna Pernestål Brenden, Director at ITRL, was invited as one of three experts to a panel discussion with the minister to give guidance for the upcoming high-level EU meeting in Gothenburgh on self driving vehicles with a number of EU ministers.

The main advice to the minister was to take the opportunity to adress the questions from multiple perspectives:

- "This is about much more than the self-driving vehicles themselves, we also need to consider user perspectives, business models, policies and of course a range of sustainability aspects. We now have a great opportunity for the Swedish industry, but also for society since we will get new tools to create a sustainable transportation system".

Self driving vehicles was one of the dominating topics of the 2018 Transportforum in Linköping 10-11 January. Minister of infrastructure, Thomas Eneroth, pointed out the importance of taking a systemic approach to planning and policy-making for automated vehicles in his keynote speech during the conference.

Tomas Eneroth - Swedish Infrastructure Minister, Anders Norén - Head of Technology at Bil Sweden, Anna Pernestål Brenden - Director at ITRL and Jonas Bjelfvenstam - Director at Transportstyrelsen, during the panel discussion

Some of ITRL's research on self driving vehicles was presented at the conference. Ida Kristoffersson from VTI presented results and learning from a research project faciliated by ITRL that developed future scenarios for self driving vehicles in Sweden with focus on freight transportation. The results indicate that policy and city planning together with the level of introduction of sharing economy solutions are the two dominating dimensons for shaping the future.

Ida Kristoffersson - VTI

At the same session, Anna Pernestål Brenden presented the aim and initial insights from the countinuation project "System level impacts of self-driving vehicles" that is a collaboration project between Trafikverket, VTI and ITRL. Follow the project here

Anna Pernestål Brenden - ITRL