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Workshop to understand the future with Automated Vehicles

Automated Vehicles will change the future - how?

Erik Hellgren from Kairos Future gives an introduction to the scenario planning method.
Published Nov 21, 2016

25 experts in automated vehicles and how they will change transportation in the future met at ITRL, to discuss future scenarios.

Connected and automated vehicles will change transportation and society, the question is rather how. How fast will automated vehicles develop? How will transportations look like? Will people still own their car in future, or will we share? Can automated vehicles revolutionize future? And how can the development be in Sweden? ITRL has together with Drive Sweden started a project to develop scenarios for the future development of automated vehicles in Sweden. In the project experts meet three times to discuss and create possible future scenarios. The first meeting was held at November 15th, and 25 experts from different organizations where represented. 

- It is very interesting and exciting to discuss this topic with so many experts from different organisations, from vehicle developers to operators and policy makers, says Anna Pernestål Brenden, project manager.

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