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ITRL is starting a new project ” User friendly mobility system for cities”

Published Apr 15, 2016

Urban land space today is used to a very large extent for individual one person per car or large bus travel. A rapid development is now providing possibilities for all-new mobility systems with up to forty times increased efficiency. To be able to choose this course of events we are dependent of cooperation between many stakeholders in society. There are many possibilities with for example autonomous drive but there is also a risk that we may end up with even more private cars needing more space.

This project aims at creating public transportation systems that will make the individually owned car an unattractive choice and also surpassing today’s buses with better flexibility, economy and design. The tailor-made autonomous vehicles envisioned here operate connected to constantly updating virtual city mobility.

The project is a collaboration between

  • KTH- ITRL; main coordinator and demonstrator developers and a few faculties of social and user perspective
  • Berge Consulting; design development, user-related IT development. Ongoing cooperation in the visualization.
  • Hertz; car sharing business
  • Swedish city
  • Public transportation operator
  • Several KTH faculties


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