Smart Cities Summer School, 2–6 July 2018


This Summer School on Smart Cities will provide an overview of the latest technical progresses related to smart cities via realistic case studies delivered by well known scholars, active researchers and practitioners, as well as present challenges and opportunities for future research and applications.

Moreover, the summer school will provide an opportunity for all participants to gain some hand-on experience via realistic projects in a hackathon (se below), and several networking opportunities.

Topics covered (to be finilized):

  1. Smart cities – challenges and opportunities
  2. Big data analytics and cognitive analytics
  3. Smart City as a Cyber-Physical Social System
  4. Smart building and energy systems
  5. Sensing and control in smart cities
  6. Gaming and interactive visualization
  7. Reinforcement learning
  8. Streaming machine learning
  9. Geographical Information Systems and the Google Earth Engine
  10. 5G technology for smart cities

The summer school includes a hackathon competition , in which participants will form teams to work on different projects, either chosen from a list provided by the organizers or proposed by the participants themselves.

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