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Can we use socioeconomic data to explain people's changed public transport ridership during COVID19?

Published Sep 23, 2020

Combining smart card data (two million cards) together with socioeconomic data on more than 1,000 zones for Stockholm, ITRL PhD Student Erik Almlöf has together with Isak Jarlebring Rubensson, Matej Cebecauer and Erik Jenelius written and submitted a paper to European Transport Research Review, that is now published as preprint.

The main findings are that the decline in ridership is strongly predicted by income, age, workplace type and education. These findings give us a better understanding of how different social groups are affected, and provides us with better tools to proactively plan public transport, to cater for where there is demand during a crisis and where resources are more abundant.

On the request from the journal, this paper has now been published as a preprint . Feel free to contact Erik  if you want to know more about the results or the approach!